AFC Club

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AFC Club
Composer Kurt Masteller
Arranger Kurt Masteller
Released 1994-??-??
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

AFC Club, short for "Anyone For Cards Club," is the second song found in the playlist for the game Anyone For Cards?. The song was composed by Kurt Masteller and has a more discotheque sound to it utilizing a brass section, various pianos, a drum kit, and makes heavy use of slap bass. The song is found in both the Macintosh and Windows 16 versions of the game and loops unless the "play all selections" option is turned on.


Anyone For Cards? (MAC)

Platform - MAC.png
Anyone For Cards? (MAC)
Released 1994-??-??
Format UNK

Anyone For Cards? (W16)

Platform - W16.png
Anyone For Cards? (W16)
Output - MIDI.svg
Output - OPL3.svg
Output - OPL2.svg
Anyone For Cards - W16 - Intro.png
Released 1994-??-??
Length 0:52.85
BPM 116
Format MIDI

The MIDI file contains "Copyright (C) 1992 MTA" in the metadata indicating that this song was not originally composed for Anyone For Cards? which has a 1994 release date.

The file name for this song is AFCCLUB.MID.