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Founded 1990
Closed 1995 or 1996
Headquarters Langen, Hesse, Germany

A.U.D.I.O.S.-Entertainment and Kaiko were music and game development labels, primarily for Amiga.

Musician Chris Hülsbeck and programmer Peter Thierolf met during an action day at Adolf-Reichwein-Schule in Langen. In 1985, they started programming Commodore 64 games together as Artgames. In 1987, they sold four of them to Rainbow Arts. In 1988, artist Ramiro Vaca joined Rainbow Arts, and Thierolf still used the Artgames label.

In 1989, the three founded a music development label named A.U.D.I.O.S.-Entertainment, short for Art Under Design, Imaginations Of Sound, released a couple of C64 demos, and sold TFMX-Editor (AMI) to Demonware (who cheated them).

In 1990, Thierolf introduced graphic artist Frank Matzke to Hülsbeck. Matzke was a big fan of manga, and all three thought that the best action and puzzle games came from Japan. In autumn, they founded a game development label named Kaiko as a homage to Taito.

In 1991, they founded a company, collaborated with Factor 5 and also started doing contract work. As the company was not a corporation, but a partnership, it was required by German law to be named Hülsbeck, Matzke, Thierolf GbR. A.U.D.I.O.S.-Entertainment and Kaiko remained as labels. In 1992, Vaca joined as a graphic artist, but not as a musician.

Unfortunately, Hülsbeck, Matzke and Thierolf were not business-minded, and so in January 1993, they were deep in the red. In February or March, Thierolf quit in dispute. Hülsbeck and Matzke brought other shareholders in, only to be cheated again and again. In autumn, they sold to Software 2000. Hülsbeck quit either and paid debts until mid-1999. Matzke was still staying in 1995.


Music Development


Hülsbeck and Thierolf developed and used the MDAT and SMPL formats and TFMX-Editor.

Commodore 64

Hülsbeck developed and used TFMX Editor.


A.U.D.I.O.S.-Entertainment created the AWS format.

Genesis / Mega Drive

A.U.D.I.O.S.-Entertainment created the AWS format.

Audio Personnel