Zippo Games

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Zippo Games
Zippo Games - 1.gif
Founded September 15, 1987
Closed December 24, 1990
Headquarters England

Zippo Games was an English video game development studio, founded by brothers John and Ste Pickford after they left Binary Design. The company eventually became Rare Manchester, after the company had developed some titles for Rare, including all work for the NES. In 1990, only a few years after the start of the company, both John and Ste left to work at Software Creations, and the studio had been shut down. When developing NES games, the company name didn't appear at all, in a similar manner to TOSE, just credited subcontractor Rare in the copyright screen and it does not have credits, in a similar manner to Rare and TOSE.

Jon and Ste later founded Zed Two Game Design Studio.

Music Development


Zippo Games contracted Rare to do the music and sound to their NES games, all of which were scored by David Wise, with help from some Rare staff for sound effects.

The company developed a game titled Roller Thrasher for the NES which was never released. Though Jason Brooke stated in an interview working on an NES game for Zippo Games, it is believed that like their other NES games, the company would have contracted their sound to Rare.

Audio Personnel