Word Rescue Theme 1

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Word Rescue Theme 1
Composer Voyetra Technologies
Arranger Voyetra Technologies
Released 1992-03-??
Length 1:38
Format CMF.png
Game Word Rescue (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes
Word Rescue (DOS) has three themes. Theme 1 is an upbeat jazzy song that plays at the title screen, the game menus, the first game level, and every third level after that.

Word Rescue Theme 1 is an unofficial name. Its name in the game files is WR1.4.

The song probably originally came from the Voyetra MusiClips collection, however this cannoy be confirmed as no complete copy of the collection has yet been found.

Word Rescue - DOS - Title.png

Word Rescue - DOS - Menu.png

Word Rescue - DOS - Level 1.png