Wolfenstein 3D (JAG)

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Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D - JAG - USA.jpg
Platform: Jaguar
Year: 1994
Developer: id Software, Inc.
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This page is for the Jaguar game, for other platforms see Wolfenstein 3D.

The Jaguar version of Wolfenstein 3D is closer to the Macintosh port than the original DOS version. The graphics are a higher resolution and the sound is higher fidelity. However, the cost of these increases meant smaller maps, fewer levels, and enemy sprites that can't rotate. As with the original, you play a WWII POW trying to defeat a bunch of Nazis. You blast away your enemies in a first-person perspective; collect treasure, ammo, health; find secret doors. At the end of each major section is a big bad boss for you to fight.

If you've played the Jaguar version, you'll notice it has an uncanny resemblance to Doom (the weapons mostly). This was because the team at id Software wanted to see if they could make a Jaguar port of Doom. They did end up releasing a Jaguar port of Doom except that there was no in-game music.


Wolfenstein 3D - JAG - Title.png

The Jaguar title screen.

Wolfenstein 3D - JAG - Level 1.png

Starting off in level 1.


The music in the Jaguar port was taken from the original Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) and Spear of Destiny (DOS). However, only 15 of the original 37 tracks were used. Thankfully, the music was rearranged and higher quality instrument synthesizers were used. This gives the music a much richer timbre. Unfortunately, this recording was made from the game using a less-than-perfect emulator, so the music is very choppy.

Bobby Prince composed the music in Sequencer Plus Gold.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Get Them Before They Get You Bobby Prince 2:40
02 P.O.W. Bobby Prince 2:18
03 Searching For the Enemy Bobby Prince 2:18
04 Suspense Bobby Prince 3:55
05 End of Level Bobby Prince 0:50
06 Going After Hitler Bobby Prince 2:51
07 The Ultimate Challenge Bobby Prince 2:48
08 The Nazi Rap Bobby Prince 2:50
09 Funkie Colonel Bill Bobby Prince 4:03
10 Death to the Nazis Bobby Prince 3:15
11 Tiptoeing Around Bobby Prince 3:32
12 Evil Incarnate Bobby Prince 2:33
13 Jazzin' Them Nazis Bobby Prince 2:40
14 The SS Gonna Get You Bobby Prince 1:15
15 The Tower Bobby Prince 2:47



The credits can be accessed by simply waiting at the title screen.

John Romero is credited in the SNES version for sound effects, most of which were carried over to the Jaguar version.

Game Rip








The soundtrack is compressed in the game ROM using an unknown form of compression. Project Tempest v0.95 and WinHex were used to extract the files after the game was loaded into memory. The game uses custom General MIDI instrument patches, so a recording can't yet be made outside of the game. The current recording was made during actual game play, but it is rather low quality. A new recording should be made once a proper driver can be developed.

The custom SF2 for Wolfenstein 3D and Doom was ripped (got it from here, it just has too big size to be uploaded), so the music should be re-recorded.


  USA.svg   USA
Wolfenstein 3D - JAG - USA.jpg
Title: Wolfenstein 3D
Platform: Jaguar
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Atari Corporation