Winky Soft

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Winky Soft
Winky Soft.jpg
Founded 1983-01-??
Closed 2016-02-05
Headquarters Osaka, Japan

Winky Soft (株式会社ウィンキーソフト Kabushikigaisha Uinkīsofuto) is a Japanese game developer. It was created at the beginning of 1983. They are known for their work for the Super Robot Taisen games.

The company closed its doors in 2016 from filing for bankruptcy.


Music Development


For the game My Life My Love, Ginji Ito wrote his compositions on sheet music paper and sent it to Winky Soft, in which their programmer Masahiro Sho implemented the songs into his 6502 assembly sound driver that utilized the Ricoh 2A03.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer uses a custom sound driver, so it is unknown how the music was written, but it was most likely either in assembly or Music Macro Language.

Audio Personnel