Wheel of Fortune (GEN)

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Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune - GEN.jpg
Platform: Genesis
Year: 1992
Developer: Imagitec Design Inc.
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Wheel of Fortune is a game show adaptation of the TV show.


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Like its SNES counterpart, the Genesis version only uses one song in the game that plays at the title and the credits. The only difference, besides the SNES using a sampled electric piano and the Genesis using FM synthesis is that the Genesis version plays at a faster pace. Also, the song has been transposed from the key of C to the key of B. The song is from the TV show which is Merv Griffin's Changing Keys song, which was arranged by Barry Leitch and Ian Howe.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title (Changing Keys) Barry Leitch, Ian Howe 0:32



Unlike the SNES version, there are no credits on the title screen or at the menu. Sega probably wasn't a big fan of credits. Ian Howe probably just did the sound effects only. According to Barry Leitch, the programmer Robert 'Rab' Walker was the sound programmer for the Genesis version. There may be credits in the instruction manual like the SNES version.

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Wheel of Fortune - GEN.jpg
Title: Wheel of Fortune
Platform: Genesis
Released: 1992-??-??
Publisher: GameTek