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The game was planned to also be released for the [[Amstrad CPC]] and [[ZX Spectrum]], but were never released.
* [[Weird Dreams (AMI)]]
* [[Weird Dreams (AMI)]]
* [[Weird Dreams (AST)]]
* [[Weird Dreams (AST)]]

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Weird Dreams is a game created by Rainbird Software and released for four computer ports in 1989.

The story revolves around a man named Steve. He is attracted to a co-worker of his named Emily. However, Emily is possessed by a demon named Zelloripus who was banished to live as a human female on earth due to unnamed heinous acts against other demons. When Steve gets sick, she makes pills to cure his flu. Steve consumes the medication. While it cures his sickness, it also allows Zelloripus to take over his mind and body. Steve starts having worse and worse dreams, so he decides to talk to a psychologist, who in turn turns Steve over to a neurosurgeon. Steve is put on the operating table and put under, which is where the game begins. The story is explained in a 64-page novella packaged with the game.

The player takes control of Steve, who must traverse through several different levels. He starts off in a cotton candy machine, then must avoid a giant hornet on the fairground. He then enters the house of mirrors, which is a sort of level select of the game. However, you must enter the levels in a certain order to gain specific items for specific levels, or else the game cannot be completed. These levels include walking through a deadly garden, desert, and a giant piano.


The game was planned to also be released for the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum, but were never released.


All ports of the game feature a very short soundtrack of 5 songs; the title screen, fairground, garden, piano, and ballerina songs. Two prolific composers shared two ports of the game; David Whittaker composing the Amiga and Atari ST versions while Barry Leitch covered the Commodore 64 and MS-DOS versions. According to Barry, the developers wanted him to arrange Whittaker's soundtrack. David Whittaker did appear to write the PC Speaker's music as well.

All versions of the game use a few real songs including English Country Garden and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. These play on the garden levels and ballerina during the piano level repectively.

Notable Audio Personnel

Weird Dreams
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Notable Songs Title Screen
Notable Personnel Barry Leitch • David Whittaker • Axel Brown
Notable Companies Rainbird Software • Microplay Software