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Software - VGM to TXT.png
Creator ValleyBell
Released 2010-07-22
Platform Windows

VGM to TXT is a program that converts a VGM file to a TXT file, in which the .txt file shows all of the commands sent to the sound chip. The program can be executed by simply dragging and dropping the VGM file you wish to convert onto the VGM2TXT.EXE. Or you can write in command prompt:

VGM2TXT.EXE sourcefile.VGM/VGZ

Ripping AdLib Visual Composer Instruments (YM3812)

Companies like Westwood Studios used custom instrument patches for AdLib Visual Composer when they created video game music. While obtaining the .BNK files they used is not possible, VGMs contain the FM data of the instruments they used, and this information can be obtained by converting the VGM to TXT. The following contains a chart on what the values in the .txt file equate to in Visual Composer:

Visual Composer Instrument Maker Name TXT Name Notes
Modulator Op-0
Carrier Op-1
Amplitude Vibrato AM (Amplitude Modulation) Off = Unchecked, On = Checked
Pitch Vibrato Vibrato Off = Unchecked, On = Checked
Sustaining Sound KSR Off = Unchecked, On = Checked
Envelope Scaling EG Type 0 = Unchecked, 1 = Checked
Frequency Multiplier Freq. Multiplier Values are the same as Instrument Maker.
Modulation Feedback Feedback Modulator only.
Wave Form Waveform Select 0 = Sine, 1 = Half Sine, 2 = Two Sine, 3 = Sawtooth
Level Scaling Envelope Scaling
Output Level Total Level Hex number given must be subtracted from 3F (63) and the final number must be converted to decimal. For example, 0x1C would be 3F - 1C = 23 (63 - 28 = 35).
Attack Rate Attack Rate
Decay Rate Decay Rate
Sustain Rate Sustain Rate Given number in .txt file must be subtracted from 15 for actual number. For example, "Sustain Level: 6" would be 15 - 6 = 9.
Release Rate Release Rate


Version Download Platform
2012-03-04 Download - (info) Windows