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Using YM conversions on Atari ST game pages

It seems YM logging is always not a 1:1 sound presentation of Amstrad CPC game music. For example, some comparison with AY and even VGM rips has revealed to me that YM sound is a bit more harsh and "simplified". Thus, unfortunately, YM rips are probably always a worse option for making recordings than just computer games themselves or AY/VGM files...

However, I was able to found some YM archives with converted YM2149 data from Atari ST. Considering the abovementioned information, they are also not an ideal transcription of a music data. Also, YM does not fully support YM2149 chip. But... Their sound is the same time not too far from "true" game rips' recording. Also, that's at least a "genuine" 80s computer music, it possibly can be played on every platfrom that uses AY chips, including something like Apple II. I'm not sure if something like AY, SC68 or SNDH are "easier" for those machines.

It makes me to think there is some sence in adding the existing YM conversions of non-digital Atari ST games' rips. What do you think about it? I ask you, because you seem to be a proper person for that, having some interest in AY-line sound chips (my apologies for bothering you if not). --M1911 (talk) 16:20, 1 December 2019 (EST)

Nah, you don't bother me. It's hard to bother me. :D Only be patient: It's true I have some interest in AY-3-891x sound, but I'm also still learning about the different AY-3-891x-based platforms and formats.
So you consider adding YM and SNDH files? So users can play Atari ST songs on, for example, Amstrad CPC? Hmm. I am undecided. Not sure if many are going to try that, especially since you can't actually play YM files on Amstrad CPC, but have to convert them to AYC first. Apart from that, personally I don't like log formats in general, they seem bulky.
But then again, you're right about AY, SC68 and SNDH: They can only work on the original platform; the others would have to emulate another CPU, which takes RAM and time. And if the Atari ST YM files already exist, then it's just a matter of uploading them, and those few kilobytes probably really won't hurt, will they? But perhaps it's better to ask Dean, too. --Professor Chaos (talk) 13:25, 2 December 2019 (EST)