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posted 1162 days ago

File:Agent X II (CPC).zip - I even got it. Unfortunatelly, just YM, not AY, but that's a rip also.

posted 1162 days ago

No, you didn't bothered me.

I'm not such a programmer or ripper, just can some things. Probably, I can do this rip in YM format (not AY). But there could be a problem that I may miss some music, especially if the game is long and/or hard to complete. The other problem that if the game play SFX with the music, your friend will have to listen to them also. I think I would try, but, unfortunatelly, I can't guarantee the result. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion.

posted 2089 days ago

Where did my poor eyes go? :-(

posted 2171 days ago

Greetings MrNorbert1994! I love you avatar!