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posted 68 days ago

Hello! I'd like to ask about how you got the music from Island Peril. Did you rip it? I've been wanting to see if I can rip the game's other assets

posted 1134 days ago

Anyway, thanks for the upload! It's great to hear the tracks with the Roland MT-32 and the original AdLib music. Especially the Roland MT-32 makes the music sound incredibly atmospheric.

posted 1135 days ago

Yeah, after watching it shortly after I posted my comment, I realized that the video re-used a track. It had me a little confused, as most JA1 OST videos on YouTube had 15 tracks instead of 14, but they all have the same mistake of repeating one of the tracks.

posted 1165 days ago

Hi, you seem to have missed a track for "Jagged Alliance (DOS)", if you look at this video here:

at the 3:31 minute mark, that track is missing from your contribution. Would be great if you could add that missing track fo the JA1 page.

posted 1236 days ago

Thanks for cleaning up the Simon's Theme page. Sorry if it was messy at first.

posted 1313 days ago

Thanks for helping with the Castlevania pages. I am not that good at keeping track of some stuff, so thank you.