Unknown - Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES)

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Composer Seiji Toda
Arranger Unknown
Released 1989-09-20
Format NSF.png
Game Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No
This page is for the Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES) songs, for more titles see Unknown (Song Title).

There are six short tunes in Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (NES) that have yet to be seen in the game. Obviously, the track names are unofficial. If you can demonstrate where these songs are played in the game, please update them.

Track Title Length NSF Track Description Listen
25 Unknown 1 0:04 21 Staccato fanfare
26 Unknown 2 0:03 24 Four notes
27 Unknown 3 0:04 25 Rising fanfare
28 Unknown 4 0:03 26 Alarm sound
29 Unknown 5 0:03 27 Jingle
30 Unknown 6 0:04 28 Staccato fanfare