Unknown - Pool of Radiance (NES)

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Composer Seiji Toda
Arranger Unknown
Released 1991-06-28
Length 1:33
Format NSF.png
Game Pool of Radiance (NES)
This page is for the Pool of Radiance (NES) song, for more titles see Unknown (Song Title).

Unknown is a song that can be found in the ROM for Pool of Radiance (NES) but is never played anywhere in the game. While this song was a possible in-game theme, it also sounds like it was a test song for the game's audio driver to make sure it was programmed properly. In addition, the song could have also been used in the random caves or the Grove, both found in the computer versions of the wilderness. However, these were removed from the NES version, presumably due to space constraints.

Seiji Toda wrote the music in Music Macro Language in Hironari Tadokoro's sound driver. Seiji should be contacted for an official title, as well as the song's intended use.


The song plays in the 3/4 time signature. It starts out with the two square channels harmonizing. After three loops of that comes the next part of the song at 0:15 that starts in the key of A major, then in A minor (with an F in the bass, making for an FMaj7) (0:19). A upward glissando is then played before going to the final part of the song. Here at 0:27, the song speeds up and a loop of six notes plays eight times before ending on an F5/A, the A being played by the bass. However, the bass only plays the A shortly while the two square channels hang for a few seconds. Then, after a brief pause, the song loops.