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| [[Nontan no Issho: Kuru Kuru Puzzle (SFC)]]
| [[Nontan no Issho: Kuru Kuru Puzzle (SFC)]]
| 1994-??-??
| [[Time Diver: Eon Man (NES)]] (Time Diver Avenger)
| 1995-02-10
| 1995-02-10
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| 2009-04-29
| 2009-04-29
| [[Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (NDS)]]
| [[Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (NDS)]]
| SFX  
| Unreleased
| [[Time Diver: Eon Man (NES)]]

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Tsukasa Masuko
Tsukasa Masuko - 1.jpg
Local 増子司 (ますこ つかさ)
Born April 3, 19??
Birth Place Ashibetsu-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
  • Macco
  • マッコちゃん (Makko-chan)
  • Matsuko-chan
  • Totsu Mas
  • Dosanko Masuko
  • まっこ (Makko)
  • Toshichan Zama (?)
Website Unknown

Tsukasa Matsuko (known by his alias Macco) is a Japanese composer, sound designer and sound programmer known for his work with Atlus. In 1982, he graduated from Ahibetsu High School and in 1984, he graduated the Japan Electronics College. He currently lives with his wife in Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan.

Tsukasa started working on video games at Tecmo around 1984. There, he scored the music to many of their arcade and NES games. During the development of Mighty Bomb Jack, Tsukasa left the company and Michiharu Hasuya finished up the music. After Tsukasa left Tecmo, he went to work for Atlus and was a composer, sound designer and programmer there. When Hirohiko Takayama started working for Atlus, Tsukasa started to do less music for them.

Some of Masuko's notable works are the Shin Megami Tensei games, The Karate Kid, Kwirk, Bio Senshi Dan, and many others.

Music Composition


Tsukasa originally programmed his own sound driver in 6052 assembly and later upgraded it to use the triangle channel and the noise channel together to create better drum sounds, making his NES music sound very similar to the Follins' NES music. His driver was used many times by Hirohiko Takayama and once by Hidehito Aoki. His driver may have also used by Kenji Eno.





1984-??-?? Bomb Jack (ARC) (ボンブジャック)
1984-??-?? Star Force (ARC) (スターフォース)
1985-??-?? Pinball Action (ARC) (ピンボールアクション)
1985-??-?? Tehkan World Cup (ARC)
1986-??-?? Rygar (ARC) (アルゴスの戦士)
1986-04-24 Mighty Bomb Jack (NES) (マイティ ボン ジャック) BGM Composer, Data Creation, Sound Effects
1986-11-06 Ginga Denshou (FDS) (銀河伝承)
1986-12-26 Arkanoid (NES)
1987-01-07 Labyrinth: Maze of the Goblin King (FC)
1987-05-19 Seiken Psycho Caliber (ARC)
1987-09-11 Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei (FC)
1987-09-22 Bio Warrior Dan: Struggle with the Increaser (FC) (バイオ戦士ダン: インクリーザーとの闘い)
1987-11-?? Gotcha! The Sport! (NES) Sound Driver
1987-11-?? The Karate Kid (NES)
1988-02-?? T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage (NES)
1988-04-?? Major League Baseball (NES)
1988-08-26 Xexyz (NES) (亀の恩返し:ウラシマ伝説) Sound Driver
1988-09-27 Erika and Satoru's Dream Adventure (FC) (えりかとさとるの夢冒険) Sound Driver
1988-12-09 King of Kings (FC) (キングオブキングス) Sound Driver
1989-02-?? Friday the 13th (NES) Sound Driver
1989-03-04 Dungeon Explorer (TG16)
1989-03-31 Kyuukyoku Tiger (PCE) (Ultimate Tiger)
1989-09-?? NFL Football (NES) Sound Driver
1989-11-24 Kwirk (GB)
1989-12-22 TM Network: Live in Power Bowl (FC) (ライブインパワーボウル) Sound Driver
1990-04-06 Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II (FC)
1990-06-08 Cosmo Tank (GB) (コズモタンク)
1990-06-22 Battle Fleet (FC) (バトルフリート)
1990-07-27 Bikkuriman World (FC) (ビックリマン ワールド: 激闘聖戦士) Sound Driver
1990-08-10 Parallel World (FC) (ぱられるワールド) Sound Driver
1990-11-16 Puzzle Boys (FDS) (パズルボーイズ) Sound Driver
1991-01-25 Spud's Adventure (GB) (突撃ばれいしょんず) Sound Driver
1991-03-29 CrossFire (GEN)
1991-04-05 Rockin' Kats (NES) (ニューヨークニャンキーズ)
1991-10-25 Time Zone (FC) (タイム ゾーン) Sound Driver
1991-12-25 Wacky Races (NES) (チキチキマシン猛レース) Sound Driver
1992-04-24 Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchu Tantei Divan Kanketsu Hen (PCE) (雀偵物語2 宇宙探偵ディバン完結編)
1992-04-24 Jantei Monogatari 2: Uchu Tantei Divan Shutsudo Hen (PCE) (雀物語2 宇宙探偵ディバン出動篇)
1992-10-30 Shin Megami Tensei (SFC)
1992-12-04 Little Ghosts: Acchi Socchi Kocchi (FC) (ちいさなおばけ: アッチ ソッチ コッチ)
1993-07-30 Tekkaman Blade (SFC)
1993-09-?? Super Widget (SNES) Sound Program
1994-03-04 Kabuki Rocks (SFC)
1994-03-18 Shin Megami Tensei II (SFC)
1994-10-28 Shin Megami Tensei: if... (SFC)
1994-11-25 Nontan no Issho: Kuru Kuru Puzzle (SFC)
1994-??-?? Time Diver: Eon Man (NES) (Time Diver Avenger)
1995-02-10 Jammes (SFC)
1995-03-31 Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei (SFC)
1995-07-07 Caravan Shooting Collection (SFC)
1995-10-27 Crystal Beans: From Dungeon Explorer (SFC)
1995-12-154 Seijuu Maden Beasts & Blades (SFC)
2001-12-07 Magical Vacation (GBA)
2008-01-31 Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
2008-09-04 Blue Dragon Plus (NDS) SFX
2009-04-29 Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans (NDS) SFX