Track Screen

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Track Screen
Output - NES.svg
Days Of Thunder Mindscape - NES - Gameplay 2.png
Composer Chris Oberth, Lou Haehn
Arranger Unknown
Released Unreleased
Length 0:42
BPM 150
Format NSF.png
Game Days of Thunder: Mindscape (NES)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Track Screen is the name of the song that plays during the track screen in the unreleased version of Days of Thunder: Mindscape (NES). It plays at 150 BPM. Though the game credits Chris Oberth and Lou Haehn for music and sound, the song was most likely written by Chris.

Chris wrote the music in 6502 assembly macros using Nick Eastridge's NES sound driver.

Its internal name, according to the source code is RAP. This probably refers to the rap-like beat that the song emits.


The song uses both square wave channels to sound like electric drums, as well as the noise channel. However, there is an error with the way the music was programmed, and as a result the noise channel and first square channel must loop five times before looping properly again. As a result, the VGMPF recording plays 10 loops of the song, which consist of 2 loops of the song. Because of the square channels only emulating electric drums, the song has no key and is atonal.

The music is played approximately a quarter step (microtone) sharp.

Source Code


tracka3	db $34,$0,$0,$1F,$0,$0,$7,$0
	db $32
dracka3	db $7,$18,$18,$C,$C,$18,$C,$C
	db $0
trackb3	db $34,$1,$3,$5,$15,$3,$5,$7
	db $B,$5,$7,$9,$D,$32
drackb3	db $7,$18,$C,$C,$C,$18,$C,$C
	db $18,$18,$C,$C,$C,$0
trackc3	db $34,$0,$32
drackc3	db $0,$9,$0
trackd3	db $34,$13,$13,$0,$3,$0,$32
drackd3	db $7,$18,$18,$18,$18,$18,$0

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