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| 1991-10-05
| 1991-10-05
| [[Karakuri Kengoden Musashi Lord: Karakuri Jin Shissouru (FC)]] (からくり剣豪伝ムサシロード からくり人はしる!)
| [[Karakuri Kengoden Musashi Lord: Karakuri Jin Shissouru (FC)]] (からくり剣豪伝ムサシロード からくり人はしる!)
| Sound Driver
| 1992-02-28
| [[Puzslot (FC)]]
| Sound Driver
| Sound Driver

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Tohru Hayashi
Tohru Hayashi.jpg
Local 林 徹 (はやし とおる)
Born 1960
Birth Place Nagoya
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Jazzy Tohru, でもんず・とおる (Demons Tohru)

Tohru Hayashi was one of the few known employees who worked at Human. He was their audio director and responsible for the development of Human's sound drivers for many consoles including NES, Turbo-Grafix 16, and the Sega Genesis.

He sometimes went by the name Jazzy Tohru, as he was a jazz guitarist.


Released Title Sample
1986-11-12 Atheltic World (NES) (ファミリートレーナー アスレチックワールド) Sound Driver
1986-12-23 Stadium Events (NES) (ファミリートレーナー ランニングスタジアム) Sound Driver
1987-08-31 Street Cop (NES) (ファミリートレーナー マンハッタンポリス) Sound Driver
1987-12-04 Doremikko (FDS) (ドレミッコ) Sound Driver
1988-08-?? World Class Track Meet (NES) Sound Driver
1988-12-17 Top Rider (FC) Sound Driver
1989-01-27 Motocross Champion Sound Driver
1989-02-17 Hydlide 3: Visitors from the Darkness (FC) (ハイドライド3 闇からの訪問者) Sound Driver
1989-03-03 SD Gundam World Map Collection (FDS) Sound Driver
1989-06-?? Monster Party (NES) (パロディワールド モンスターパーティー) Sound Driver
1989-06-25 SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule Senki (FC) Sound Driver
1989-08-08 Meimon! Daisan Yakyuubu (FC) Sound Driver
1989-10-14 Venus Senki (FC) (ヴイナス戦記) Sound Driver
1990-04-27 Formation Soccer: Human Cup '90 (TG16) (フォーメーション サッカー ヒューマン カップ ’90) Sound Driver
1990-07-?? The Adventures of Gilligan's Island (NES) Sound Driver
1990-12-20 Vasteel (TGCD) (バスティール) Music Produce
1990-12-21 Kabuki Quantum Fighter (NES) (地獄極楽丸) Sound Driver
1991-??-?? Championship Rally (NES) (エキサイティングラリー) Sound Driver
1991-05-31 Egypt (FC) (エジプト) Sound Driver
1991-06-28 Fastest 1 (SMD) (ファステスト1) Sound Director
1991-10-05 Karakuri Kengoden Musashi Lord: Karakuri Jin Shissouru (FC) (からくり剣豪伝ムサシロード からくり人はしる!) Sound Driver
1992-02-28 Puzslot (FC) Sound Driver
1992-03-27 Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden / Jesse "The Body" Ventura Wrestling Superstars (SMD) Sound Driver?
1992-04-25 Hyokkori Hyoutanjima: Nazo no Kaizokusen (FC) (ひょっこりひょうたん島 なぞのかいぞくせん) Sound Driver
1993-04-09 Ultraman (GEN) (ウルトラマン) Sound Driver, Effects, Music
1995-09-14 Clock Tower (SNES) Sound Driver?

Music Composition

His NES / Famicom sound drivers sounds pretty similiar to Tsukasa Masuko's but it's main program core is totally different.