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Founded 1984
Closed 1994
Headquarters Japan

Toaplan (東亜プラン株式会社 Toapuran kabushikigaisha) was a Japanese game developer known for creating arcade games including the Tiger-Heli and the Snow Bros. series. The company was founded in 1984 and its first couple games were sold without credit to publishers like SNK, Data East, and Taito. After developing a handful of mahjong titles, they created their first popular title, the shoot-em-up Tiger-Heli (ARC). From that point on, while they made a few other beat-em-ups and puzzle games, they remained focused on scrolling shoot-em-ups. The company wasn't able to remain profitable and, in 1994, it cancelled development on all its games and filed for bankruptcy. Several of the programmers went on to form other companies still focusing on shoot-em-ups.


Music Development

Audio Personnel