Thomas Petersen

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Thomas Egeskov Petersen
Thomas Petersen - 1.jpg
Born 1973-01-31 (Age 45)
Birth Place Vejen, Ribe, Denmark
Nationality Danish   Denmark.svg
Aliases Thomas Egeskov Pedersen, Tom Pedersen, Laxity

Thomas Egeskov Petersen is a Danish composer, sound designer and programmer. Around 1986, he started programming on the Commodore 64. He immediately became good at programming on the C64 and designed his own sound driver for it. In February 1990, he joined Jeroen Tel's music group, Maniacs of Noise. In the 90s, he was composing music in both trackers and MIDI sequencers. In 2005, he returned to C64 programming and designed another sound driver and an editor called SID Factory, based on a popular driver and editor developed from 1988 to 1991 by Jens-Christian Huus (also known as JCH).

Petersen has worked for a various amount of game developers as a sound designer including Funcom, Kiloo, and Ziggurat Interactive. He now currently works at Progressive Media as a programmer.

Music Composition


Thomas wrote his own sound engine and programmed the music in hexadecimal.


Thomas used Musicator and Cakewalk.


Released Title Sample
1996-??-?? DragonHeart: Fire and Steel (SAT)
1998-??-?? V-Ball: Beach Volley Heroes (PS1)
1999-??-?? Logical (GBC) Sound Effects/Sound Player
2000-??-?? Micro Machines 1 & 2: Twin Turbo (GBC)
2000-??-?? X: Beyond the Frontier (W32)
2000-06-30 KRTL: Jay and the Tool Thieves (GBC) (Jay und die Spielzeugdiebe) Music Driver
2000-11-04 TOCA Touring Car Championship (GBC)
2001-??-?? X-Gold (W32)
2001-09-21 Player Manager 2001 (GBC)
2002-??-?? X-Tension (W32)
2003-12-03 X2: The Threat (W32)
2005-10-28 X3: Reunion (W32)
2006-11-01 Terminator Revenge (J2ME)
2007-??-?? SolaRola (J2ME)
2007-08-04 Joe Gunn (C64)
2008-06-?? Jupiter Lander (J2ME)
2008-10-16 X3: Terran Conflict (W64)
Unreleased Super Star Wars (DOS)