Thin Chen Enterprise

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Sachen logo.png
Founded 1988
Closed 2007
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
Other Names
  • Thin Chen Enterprise
  • Joy Van
  • Commin

Sachen (also known as Thin Chen Enterprise (薄陳企業)) is a Taiwanese company that produced unlicensed games for many consoles, mostly for the NES. The company is known for producing poorly developed games. Notable games that they worked on is Silent Assault and Little Red Hood. After Sachen stopped actively developing games around 1995, some former staff members (them usually referred to as Ex-Sachen developers) started developing pirated Famiclone games, notably Toy Story, Contra Spirits and Mickey Mania 7. From 2000 to 2002, Sachen released four new Game Boy Color games (three of which were NES ports) which would be their final new releases.

When they developed Game Boy games, they usually went under the moniker Commin.


Music Development

Audio Personnel

The following composers worked at Sachen: