The Demon King Odio

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The Demon King Odio
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Live A Live - SFC - Odie Appears.png
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Released 1994-09-02
Length 0:46
Format SPC.png
Game Live A Live (SFC)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

The Demon King Odio is the song generally played during cutscenes that have to do with the chapter boss. In the modern chapter, "The Strongest", it plays as the character select screen grays out and fades to Odie Oldbright's portrait before the song itself fades out during the scene where Masaru and Odie meet. In the prehistoric chapter, "Contact", it plays as O-D-O approaches the party after they fall into the sacrificial pit. In the distant future chapter, "Mechanical Heart", it plays as the computer speaks right before the fight with 0D-10.

This song is track 35 on the official soundtrack.

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  • English: The Demon King Odio
  • Japanese: 魔王オディオ
  • Romanji: Maou Odio
  • Translation: The Demon King Odio