Tetsuya Komuro

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Tetsuya Komuro
Tetsuya Komuro - 1.png
Local 小室 哲哉 (こむろ てつや)
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases TM Network

Tetsuya Komuro is a Japanese musician known for his work in the band TM Network. When a video game was released based on the band, Tetsuya composed the music to it.

Music Development

Tetsuya's music was arranged on the Famicom by someone named 'Toshichan Zama'. The game uses Tsukasa Masuko's sound driver from Atlus. According to Masuko, he only provided the sound driver and wasn't responsible for the music arrangements. The game uses TM Network's Come on Everybody for some parts of the game. The music would have been written in assembly and compiled into the game for playback.


Released Title Sample
1989-12-22 TM Network: Live in Power Bowl (FC) (ライブインパワーボウル)

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