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Tetris is a Russian puzzle game that has probably had more ports and clones than any other game ever made. It was created by Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov. The name Tetris is a variation on the Greek word "Tetra", which means something with 4 pieces. This connects with the game, in that all of the puzzle pieces consist of 4 pieces. However, the in-game term for Tetris means something different; when an entire row has been filled with blocks, that row will disappear. This is called a "line". If the player is skilled enough, they can clear 2 (double) and 3 (rows) of blocks, and if they manage to clear 4 rows simultaneously (only possible with the "I" piece), then the player will achieve a Tetris, which usually results in many points. When the blocks fills the "well" (playing field), the game is over.

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