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This template is used to add thumbnail screenshots. This template is used over the regular MediaWiki thumb property in order to give more flexibility with screenshots.

The template accepts two parameters:

  1. - Screenshot file name
  2. - Float alignment (blank, right, left)

The default size of the thumbnail image is set to fit into a 320x224 box. This size was chosen specifically to offer the clearest resizing of screenshots for retro games since most systems will be reszied to either 1:1, 2:1, or 1:2 ratios.

Platform Resolution Ratio
Atari 2600 320x210 1:1
DOS (Low Graphics) 320x200 1:1
DOS (High Graphics) 640x480
DOS (Text Mode) 640x400 1:2
Game Boy 160x144 2:1
Genesis 320x224 1:1
NES 256x224 1:1
SNES 256x224 1:1
X1 640x400 1:2