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Technōs Japan Corp.
Technos logo.png
Founded 1981
Closed 1996
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Other Names
  • Technōs Japan, Technōs

Technōs Japan Corp. was a Japanese video game developer, best known for the Double Dragon Franchises and Kunio-kun (which includes Renegade, Super Dodge Ball and River City Ransom). There was a US subsidiary also, which is called American Technōs Inc.


Music Development


Michiya Hirasawa programmed a sound driver that was used in all of the company's games. The music was written in Music Macro Language, according to Norihiko Togashi. While he never worked for Technos, he did use Hirasawa's driver for the only two Famicom titles he worked on.


Technos, at first used their own version of the Kankichi-kun driver. Robert C. Ashworth revised their own driver for Super Double Dragon (SNES) and later became the basis for their own driver SDCLINK.

Audio Personnel