Tatsuya Nishimura

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Tatsuya Nishimura
Tatsuya Nishimura - 2.png
Local 西村 達也 (にしむら たつや)
Birth Place Shizuoka, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases T. Nishimura, Tatsuya, T."ANIE".N, ANE, Anie, Any, あにぃ (Anyi), God of Soul, Music Lover

Tatsuya Nishimura was a Japanese composer and sound creator. Barely anything is known about him besides the companies he worked for. His name first appeared in games developed by Tose near the end of their NES development, with his first known title being Bases Loaded 3. He mainly composed for their NES and SNES games. Though he didn't work with them at the company, Nishimura was good friends with other TOSE composers Mitsuhiko Takano and Shinji Amagishi. Around 1992, he left TOSE to work for Capcom (though we have been told by Mitsuhiko Takano he left in 1993). During his time at Capcom, he primarily worked on the SNES, and provided the instrument samples for their sound driver. Around 1995, he joined Jaleco in-house as a composer (the Bases Loaded series were only published by Jaleco).

Tatsuya was mainly credited for creating sound effects, but also wrote the soundtracks for some of the games he worked on. Because of his alias in Bases Loaded 3 and his quotation in Bases Loaded 4, it seems that his music was heavily influenced by funk and soul music, though his music also shows elements of rock as well.

Tatsuya left the game industry around 2002.

Music Development


Tatsuya used the NES sound driver at TOSE. The music was written in assembly on a computer. However, Tatsuya probably sequenced his music prior to writing it first.


For his work with TOSE, he used their variant of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun software.

At Capcom, he used the company's sound driver which was programmed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi and Yasushi Ikeda. According to Yasuaki Fujita, Tatsuya provided all of the sound effects and instruments.


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-07-27 Bases Loaded 3 (NES) (燃えプロ!’90 感動編)
1990-12-21 Battle Unit Zeoth (GB) (バトルユニットZEOTH) Music Programmer? (ROM credits Mr. Nishimura.)
1991-05-17 Super Bases Loaded (SNES) (スーパープロフェッショナルベースボール)
1991-11-22 Bases Loaded 4 (NES) (燃えプロ!最強編)
1991-12-21 SD Gundam Gaiden: Knight Gundam Monogatari: Ooinaru Isan (SFC) (SDガンダム外伝 ナイトガンダム物語 大いなる遺産)
1992-01-?? Legends of the Diamond: The Baseball Championship Game (NES)
1992-06-10 Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (SNES) (ストリートファイターⅡ) Sound Design
1992-08-07 Super Buster Bros. (SNES) (スーパーパン)
1992-11-20 The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (SNES) (ミッキーのマジカルアドベンチャー)
1993-04-03 Breath of Fire (SNES) (ブレスオブファイア~竜の戦士~) Sound Effect
1993-05-22 Final Fight 2 (SNES) (ファイナルファイト2) Sound Effect
1993-06-12 Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (PCE) (ストリートファイター2ダッシュ) Sound Effect Design
1993-07-?? Disney's Goof Troop (SNES) (グーフィーとマックス 海賊島の大冒険) Sound Effect
1993-07-11 Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES) (ストリートファイターII ターボハイパーファイティング) Sound Effect Design
1993-09-27 Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition (GEN) Sound Design
1993-11-19 Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (PC98) (アイ・オブ・ザ・ビホルダーⅡ) Composer?/Arranger?
1993-11-26 Disney's Aladdin (SNES) (アラジン) Sound Effects
1994-03-18 Eye of the Beholder (SNES) (アイ・オブ・ザ・ビホルダー)
Composed original music and arranged Paul Mudra's music from the computer versions.
1995-03-24 Mega Man 7 (SNES) (ロックマン7 宿命の対決!)
1995-11-22 Bases Loaded '96: Double Header (SAT) (燃えろ!!プロ野球'95 DOUBLE HEADER) With Takahiro Ogata and Hiroshi Nishikawa.
1995-??-?? Game Tengoku: The Game Paradise! (SAT) (ゲーム天国) With Kenichi Arakawa.
1997-??-?? Street Fighter II (SMS) Sound Effect
1998-02-26 Suchie-Pai Adventure: Doki Doki Nightmare (SAT) (スーチーパイアドベンチャー ドキドキナイトメア)
1998-04-09 Suchie-Pai Adventure: Doki Doki Nightmare (PS1)
2000-06-10 Bikkuriman 2000 Charging Card GB (GBC) (ビックリマン2000 チャージングカードGB)
2002-06-06 Raging Blades (PS2) (レイジングブレス: 降魔黙示録) Sound Effects & Coordinate
2002-08-10 Mega Man & Bass (GBA) (ロックマン&フォルテ ~未来からの挑戦者~) Special Thanks
Unreleased UForce Power Games (NES)


Bases Loaded 3

In the Japanese version of Bases Loaded 3, he is credited as God of Soul, but the North American changes his name to Music Lover. This was most likely due to Nintendo of America's censorship for religious references. Though no TOSE staff have identified these aliases as Tatsuya's, he is credited by his first name in the Japanese version of Bases Loaded 4, which shares the same exact soundtrack as Bases Loaded 3. In Bases Loaded 4, he expresses his passion for funk music, which lines up with the God of Soul name.

He was usually credited as Ani (among variants of the name), mainly during his time with Capcom, but the etymology of the name is unknown.

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