Takeaki Kunimoto

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Takeaki Kunimoto
Takeaki Kunimoto - 1.png
Local 国本剛章 (くにもと たけあき)
Born January 11, 1962 (Age 54)
Birth Place Sapporo-shi, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Kinoko Kunimoto, Kunimoto Takeaki, T. Kunimoto
Website kinokosan.blog.ocn.ne.jp/

Takeaki Kunimoto is a Japanese composer, known for his numerous contributions to games by Hudson Soft. Toshiyuki Sasagawa asked him to apply at Hudson after Takeaki demonstrated a Yamaha CX-11 computer. He was 23 when he started working for Hudson, and his first work was for Challenger. He worked there for a couple years composing music for the NES and TurboGrafx-16. He currently plays in a band by the name of Salt Peanuts.

Sometimes, Takeaki is seen under the name "Kinoko Kunimoto". Kinoko is Japanese for "mushroom".


Released Title Sample
1985-10-15 Challenger (FC) (チャレンジャー)
1986-03-05 Ninja Hattori Kun: Ninja wa Shuugyou Degogiru no Maki (FC) (忍者ハットリくん)
1986-06-13 Star Soldier (NES) (スターソルジャー)
1986-11-13 Milon's Secret Castle (NES) (迷宮組曲 ミロンの大冒険)
1987-??-?? J.J. & Jeff (TG16) (カトちゃん ケンちゃん)
1987-02-10 Adventures of Dino Riki (NES) (新人類 The New Type)
1987-03-06 Mickey Mousecapade (NES) (ミッキーマウス 不思議の国の大冒険)
1987-06-05 Meijin Takahashi's Bug-tte Honey (FC) (Bugってハニー)
1987-07-16 Starship Hector (NES) (HECTOR’87)
1987-08-07 Robo Warrior (NES) (ボンバーキング)
1987-10-30 Shanghai (PCE) (上海) Composer?
1987-10-?? Momotaro Densetsu (FC) (桃太郎伝説)
1987-12-28 Victory Run (TG16) (ビクトリーラン 栄光の13、000キロ)
1988-04-22 Yuuyuu Jinsei (TG16) (遊々人生)
1989-08-10 Break In (TG16) (ブレイク・イン)
1995-07-07 Caravan Shooting Collection: Hector '87 (SFC) (キャラバン シューティング コレクション HECTOR’87)