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Output - OPL2.svg
Composer Dan Froelich
Arranger Dan Froelich
Released 1994-??-??
Length 1:40
Format CMF.png
Game Xargon (DOS)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Symmetry is the song used in the level "This Bizzare World", which is the first level of the "Beyond Reality" (first episode). Later, in the "Xargon's Fury" (episode three), it is heard in "Unusual Tribal Village" (level 3) and in "The Dismal Looking Castle" (level 13).

The song is contained in the three files: SONG_1.XR1, SONG_11.XR2 and SONG_8.XR3 (the last digit in the file extensions is the number of the episode using the song). All the three files are identical.

Xargon - DOS - Level 1.png

Xargon - DOS - Level 1 Episode 2 Loading.png

Xargon - DOS - Unusual Tribal Village.png

Xargon - DOS - Unusual Tribal Village Loading.png

Xargon - DOS - Dismal Looking Castle.png

Xargon - DOS - Dismal Looking Castle Map.png