Super Noah's Ark 3D (SNES)

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Super Noah's Ark 3D
Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - Cover.jpg
Platform: SNES
Year: 1994
Developer: Wisdom Tree, Inc.
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Super Noah's Ark 3D is a Christian-themed game that is very reminiscent to Wolfenstein 3D (SNES) but based on the narrative about Noah's Ark. In game, you must feed animals in the Ark (which really looks like a 28-floors maze) using different catapults and Y-shaped slingshots acting as your weapons, and the animals act like angry nazis in Wolf3d.

This game is in fact a hacked, reverse-engineered, version of Wolfenstein 3D (SNES) lacking a commercial success that came prior to its later DOS version, Super Noah's Ark 3D (DOS), which in turn had Wolfenstein 3D (DOS) as a base. The game lacks texturing on floor/ceiling and there are no trivia questions implemented yet. Also, you cannot care for one of six episodes to choose and instead have to linearly play the game (remembering passwords to write down as you complete a level). In addition, you get massive slow-downs when the game draws too many objects or textures on the screen. But unlike the DOS game counterpart your keys and weapons are preserved if you play on easy skill level and the weapons do not cover entire display (as will be in the DOS one).

While there is speculation that the Wolfenstein 3D engine was given to Wisdom Tree by id Software as revenge for what the Nintendo censors did to Wolfenstein 3D (SNES), Wisdom Tree was actually a properly licensed buyer of id's technology. The game was actually originally supposed to be Hellraiser, based on the movie, using special hardware, but production of the cartridges proved too expensive for Color Dreams, and they had to make a new game.


Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - E1M2.png

One of two ships got bed.

Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - E2M1.png

Using a heavy food-charged catapult against a sheep.

Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - Map.png

Your overhead level on the map.

Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - Level Completed.png

The graphics are more impressing on the intermission screen than in the game itself.


The music in the game is quite interesting using various different instruments. There are 11 short tunes (not jingles) which are the same as in the DOS version.

While the game lacks credits, an interview with Vance Kozik confirms that he composed the music.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Menu Vance Kozik 1:42
02 Introduction Vance Kozik 1:27
03 Level Completed Vance Kozik 1:34
04 Level 1-2 Vance Kozik 1:00
05 Boss Stages Vance Kozik 1:42
06 Level 2-1 Vance Kozik 1:18
07 Level 3-1 Vance Kozik 2:01
08 Level 4-1 Vance Kozik 1:42
09 Level 5-1 Vance Kozik 2:00
10 Level 5-5 Vance Kozik 0:56
11 Level 6-1 Vance Kozik 1:25


(Source: Interview with Vance Kozik; game lacks credits.)

According to the game's source code, the game's sound driver was programmed by Rebecca Heineman and John Carmack, though it seems Rebecca programmed most of the sound driver. The instruments are taken from an Ensoniq SQ-1 keyboard.

Game Rip






The game does not utilize the S-SMP chip in the standard way, the music cannot be dumped into SPC files and had to be ripped to the SNSF format.

The titles of the music is based on when you hear them in the game, and the track order is based on the order you'll hear the background music.

The game's source code was also released, containing the MIDI files and sound driver code.[1]


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Super Noah's Ark 3D - SNES - Cover.jpg
Title: Super Noah's Ark 3D
Platform: SNES
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Wisdom Tree, Inc.