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posted 538 days ago

No, no problem. Actually I never found anything wrong with your Drillman recording, but since you wanted help back then, I was really wondering where you hear the echo. :-)

posted 734 days ago

Hi there, about:

The Drillman theme has a odd echo on it as well as an out of order list

What do you mean? What is the time of the odd echo?

posted 1256 days ago

No problem! I'm not overly familiar with wiki editing, I just used other pages and files as a template and filled in the information from MobyGames.

posted 1309 days ago

Ok, I see. Mobygames is a good place to get screenshots and cover art, especially now that they don't appear to put watermarks on them anymore. As far as page layout the best way I've found is using another page as a template.