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  • ...rigin Systems]]. The series was a pioneer of the RPG genre. There are nine games in the main series each released on numerous platforms, and a wide host of ==Games==
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  • :''For other games in the series see [[Ultima]].'' '''''Ultima VI: The False Prophet''''' is a top-down fantasy RPG by Origin Systems. It was the first Ultima to be primarily released on DOS ins
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  • ...Ultima games since. While [[Rule, Britannia!]] is featured in more Ultima games than any other song, Stones is the most popular original song in the series ==Games==
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  • ...ny founded in Austin, Texas by Robert Garriott, [[Richard Garriott]], Owen Garriott, and and Chuck Bueche in 1983. The company produced numerous popular game s ...only, and [[Ultima IX: Ascension (W32)]] was the last non-online game made by the company.
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