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Software Creations, Ltd.
Founded 1987
Headquarters Manchester, England

Software Creations, Ltd. (not to be confused with Software Creations (USA)) was a British game developer founded by Michael Webb and Richard Kay. The company was known for the development of movie or TV video games, or even comics. The company was also known to produce some of their own titles such as Solstice. They also employed Tim and Geoff Follin.

When they made NES games, the company usually didn't put staff credits in their games, however, most of the time, the credits can be found in the game's ROM.


Music Development


Stephen Ruddy programmed Software Creations' music drivers for the NES and Tim and Geoff wrote in hexadecimal.


The SNES sound driver was programmed by Mike Webb. It is unknown how Tim and Geoff composed their SNES music. The instrument samples are probably from a Korg M1.

Audio Personnel

These composers worked for Software Creations: