SkyRoads (DOS)

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Platform: DOS
Year: 1993
Developer: Bluemoon Software
Online: Download

SkyRoads is a racing puzzle game where you control a spaceship that glides along roads in space. The roads are quite hazardous, and you can die by smashing into walls, driving off the road, or running out of oxygen. You win by reaching the end of the road intact.

While the basic premise makes the game simple to learn, there are 30 ever-increasingly difficult roads to make the game a chore to master. There are also special road types like speed up, slow down, death, slippery, and supplies that add increasing difficulty to the game.

SkyRoads is based on an earlier game by Bluemoon Interactive called Kosmonaut. In addition, SkyRoads Xmas Special was released in 1994 as a separate game, however it's little more than a level pack with 30 new roads and a few changed backgrounds. The interface, controls, and music remain unchanged. Both games are also freely available for download on Bluemoon Interactive's web page.


SkyRoads - DOS - Title.png

Title screen.

SkyRoads - DOS - Info.png

The different road types. All others are normal.

SkyRoads - DOS - Roads.png

The 10 areas and 30 different roads to master.

SkyRoads - DOS - Roads 1.png

Space is a highway, I want to drive it!

SkyRoads - DOS - Dead.png

Ah crap! I knew I shouldn't have had that vodka for the road.

SkyRoads - DOS - Road Complete.png

Now we're talking!.


SkyRoads has a varied and complex soundtrack with songs covering numerous genres. The memorable title track was composed by Hasso Brück, a guest composer, but the remaining 13 tracks were composed by Bluemoon Interactive's own Ott Aaloe.

The music took a pretty intensive route. Ott Aaloe wanted to compose the game's music in Oktalyzer, a tracker he was familiar with. However, playing back mods was too processor intensive for the 1993 PC market, so the game music had to play in native AdLib. Aaloe ended up getting his way by sampling the FM synthesis output of the AdLib and loading them into Oktalyzer. From there, he composed his songs, and then converted the output into AdLib commands. There was a fair amount of degradation in this process. The percussion took a major hit, and the music was all a half-tone higher pitch than the originals, but overall, the end result resembled the original mod music enough.

The Intro track and Road 3 are particularly long, and do not feature a second loop in their respective recordings.


VGMPF Album Art       Icon-Help.png

SkyRoads - DOS - Album Art.jpg

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Intro Hasso Brück 3:27
02 Menu Ott Aaloe 2:16
03 Road 1 Ott Aaloe 3:33
04 Road 2 Ott Aaloe 2:05
05 Road 3 Ott Aaloe 3:26
06 Road 4 Ott Aaloe 3:34
07 Road 5 Ott Aaloe 3:48
08 Road 6 Ott Aaloe 3:02
09 Road 7 Ott Aaloe 4:04
10 Road 8 Ott Aaloe 3:48
11 Road 9 Ott Aaloe 2:24
12 Road 10 Ott Aaloe 2:07
13 Road 11 Ott Aaloe 3:01
14 Road 12 Ott Aaloe 3:09



Game Rip

Issue - Incomplete.svg

This rip is missing songs.





SX.png BNK.png OKT.png VGM.png

Download 381 KB

The SX and BNK files were extracted from the compressed Muzax.lzs file, though some of the road tracks are missing. However, since no player yet exists for SX, a VGM log was made. It is the VGM log that was used to record the soundtrack using VGM Input v0.4 in Winamp.

The original Oktalyzer files are also included in the rip.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - PC Speaker.png

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SkyRoads automatically detects if you have an AdLib compatible sound card and uses it if you do. Otherwise, it uses the PC Speaker.


  World.svg   World
Title: SkyRoads
Platform: DOS
Released: 1993-??-??
Publisher: Bluemoon Software
  World.svg   World
Title: SkyRoads Xmas Special
Platform: DOS
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Bluemoon Software