Shinichi Furuta

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Shinichi Furuta
Shinichi Furuta - 1.jpg
Local 古田 伸一 (ふるた しんいち)
Born 19??-04-21
Birth Place Hiroshima, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases S.Furuta, し.ふるた (Shi.Furuta)

Shinichi Furuta is a Japanese musician. He has been working for Musica Presta since 1991.

Music Development


Shinichi said this about creating music for Kid Klown in Crazy Chase:

I didn't have a PC at the time, so I made it using a YAMAHA sequencer.

There was only a restriction on the number of sounds.

The re-sampling of the sounds used was done by a Kemco programmer.


Released Title Sample Notes
1994-09-10 Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (SNES) (キッドクラウンのクレイジーチェイス) With Yumiko Orishige. Arranged by Hiroyuki Masuno, Akira Maeda, and Emi Mawatari.
1996-12-06 Kid Klown in Crazy Chase 2: Love Love Honey Soudatsusen (PS1) (キッドクラウンのクレイジーチェイス2 L❤VE L❤VEハニー争奪戦) Sound Staff: Recording and Mixed/Director