Shadow Warrior (DOS)

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Shadow Warrior
Platform: DOS
Year: 1997
Developer: 3D Realms Entertainment

Shadow Warrior is the next title released by 3D Realms using Ken Silverman's Build engine, after Duke Nukem 3D. It introduces new features including voxels (3D sprites) and improves the sector-over-sector "hack" first introduced in Blood (transitions between sectors are now seamless and there is no judder.)

Continuing in the tradition of Duke Nukem 3D, the humor is over-the-top and the main character is very stereotypical of a specific genre.

While this game was very well made, it never reached the popularity of Duke Nukem 3D.


Shadow Warrior - DOS - Title.png

The title screen.

Shadow Warrior - DOS - Level 1.png

Early in level 1.
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The Shadow Warrior sound and music was created entirely by Lee Jackson, and was his most complex work at the time. The soundtrack fits well into the various levels of the game adding greatly to the ambiance. Only the shareware version had MIDI music. The full version relied on CD music, which was itself rendered originally from MIDI. Lee Jackson has stated that while MIDIs of the CD tracks do exist, they are specific to the synth he used at the time and wouldn't be playable on any other devices.


These tracks have been recorded using a Roland Sound Canvas for iOS in SC-88 mode. Roland SC-88 was the premier MIDI synth available at the time, and the device the songs were designed to be played back through.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Okinoww!a Lee Jackson 1:14
02 Everybody Off Lee Jackson 2:21
03 Morse Kodo Lee Jackson 2:55
04 254mm Lee Jackson 3:55
05 Attention Lee Jackson 2:58


Game Rip






The music is located in SW.GRP in the shareware version only, and is in a special MIDI format called EMIDI that was designed by Jim Dosé and Lee Jackson, although it's similar enough to MIDI to be played by all standard players. The MIDI files were ripped with Camoto. The track titles are taken from the metadata in the MIDI files and the track order is the same order of the levels in the game.

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