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Scream Tracker 3
Developer: Future Crew
Header: Custom
Content: Notational
Instruments: Internal
Target Output
Output - Digital Audio.png Output - MIDI - No.png Output - FM Synthesis.png Output - PSG - No.png
Released: 1994-??-??
  • *.s3m
  • *.s3z

The Scream Tracker 3 (S3M) format created for the Scream Tracker 3 music studio which allows you to create MOD-like music using samples. Scream Tracker 3's S3M format improved upon the older STM format. The new format features four times the number of channels (16), about three times as many instruments (99), and a few special effects like stereo panning.

S3M is a versatile mod-like format supporting both digital samples and samples using FM synthesis for playback on an OPL2 chip.

Scream Tracker 3 files have an *.s3m extension, but if the file is compressed it will have the extension *.s3z.







S3M to ?

? to S3M


Released Title Sample
1998-05-22 Unreal (W32)
1999-11-23 Unreal Tournament (W32)
2004-04-02 4Four (W32)

How to Obtain

S3M files usually have to be extracted from a game's resource files, although they're sometimes left as is.