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{{Infobox Composer
{{Infobox Composer
| Name        = Rodney Nakamoto
| Name        = Rodney Nakamoto
| Picture    =  
| Picture    = Rodney_Nakamoto_-_01.jpg
| Born        =  
| Born        =  
| BirthPlace  = USA
| BirthPlace  = USA

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Rodney Nakamoto
Rodney Nakamoto - 01.jpg
Birth Place USA
Nationality American   USA.svg

Rod Nakamoto is an American game developer. He did the music for Darkwing Duck for the TurboGrafx-16, which appears to be his only music credit.

Audio Development

The original music was from the cartoon series but since the NEC did not want to pay the full license, I had to interpret the music. So I used a keyboard and mixer to create the sound track. The output was digitized and fed into a sound / music engine that I created for the TG-16. The TG-16 had its own sound chip so it was fairly straightforward. The whole game was written in C with assembly language drivers. Much less difficult than the previous Apple II and PC products which I wrote entirely in assembly.


Released Title Sample Notes
1992-??-?? Darkwing Duck (TG16)