Rampage (NES)

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Rampage - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1988
Developer: Data East Corporation
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Rampage is an interesting game where you get to play the bad guy for a change. You control one of the mutated scientists who is on a rampage of destruction across the United States. The NES port had a couple disappointments, namely the exclusion Ralph the wolfman. Also, with infinite continues, the game was basically turned into a two-hour long button mashing endurance test devoid of any sense of accomplishment. However, there are a couple of improvements in the NES port. The game now has background music, hints are given between each city, and there is a neat map of the USA that shows your progress and you terrorize the nation.

Regardless, of the differences, you still get to destroy buildings, eat sexy women, and knock helicopters out of the sky while trying to also beat the crap out of your friend. Good clean family entertainment.




The NES music to Rampage is very dull; it's basically just a monotonous background noise that plays through the entire game, although the map tune is kind of catchy. Shogo Sakai and Takashi Miura are credited as arrangers, while the original sound to Bally. However, the arcade game doesn't have music, only sound effects. Thus, the NES music was probably composed by the two arrangers as well, unless they came from a different port. The game's ROM features five tunes, but only three of them ever actually used. There are two sections without music, the title and the credits, which could have benefited with the music, but Data East left it out.









01 Background Music Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura 0:56 608 KB
02 Map Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura 0:07 96 KB
03 Search Bonus Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura 0:42 525 KB
04 Unused 1 Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura 0:42 500 KB
05 Unused 2 Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura Shogo Sakai, Takashi Miura 0:14 175 KB



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Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


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Rampage - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Rampage
Platform: NES
Released: 1988/12/??
Publisher: Data East USA, Inc.