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Rambo - NES.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1990
Developer: Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd.
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Rambo for the NES is a side view platform action adventure that borrows heavily from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES). It uses many of the same mechanics; the interface is similar, you gain experience and go up levels in the same way, caves are dark until you light them up, there are similar enemies, and you even drink potions to refill your energy! The game was based on the movie "Rambo: First Blood Part II", but like most movie-based games, the developers took many liberties and pretty much ruined the game. They give you a bunch of tedious side quests that you wouldn't even see in the movie, like Rambo having to fight a giant spider in a cave. In the Japanese Famicom version, the game designers thought it would be a good idea to give Rambo green hair. Plus, the experience bar is replaced by an "Anger" bar, but it's exactly the same thing.


Rambo - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Rambo - FC - Title Screen.png

The Japanese title screen, accompanied by some Engrish.

Rambo - FC - Ikari.png

Remember in the movie where Rambo turns Murdock into a frog?

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Fortunately, the developers made a wise decision in the audio department and hired a professional musician to compose the music (plus one of their in-house developers). Unfortunately, most of the songs will get to you because of their very short length, though the songs have been very memorable to its listeners. The In-Game 3 song is usually used for the boss battles, but they also play in some other areas of the game. The composers use aliases, but the programmer Tohru Miyazawa remembers one of them to be Tohru Hasebe. There's also a special thanks list which lists another person for music and a sound effects designer, but because of time and age, Tohru doesn't remember their real name.

It's also worth noting that this game's music engine was also used in the game Sylvania: Ai Ippai no Boukensha.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Title Screen Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 0:56
02 Password Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 0:22
03 Cutscene Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 0:41
04 In-Game 1 Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 0:32
05 In-Game 2 Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 1:57
06 In-Game 3 Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 0:29
07 Death Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 0:04
08 Ending Tohru Hasebe, Minki Motoyama 1:01


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The USA version of the game lacks credits, but the Japanese version does have credits. It is unknown why they left them out of the USA version. Probably because they didn't want to bother translating the aliases. There's two sections for the credits; the staff, plus a special thanks which gives credit to another composer and a sound effect designer. Minki Motoyama may have done the music programming. It is surprising the game has credits at all considering it was developed by Pack-In-Video, a company who rarely had credits in their games.

Game Rip






The NSF rip contains all 8 songs including a copy of the Cutscene music. The recording was made in VirtuaNSF.

Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Rambo - FC.jpg
Title: ランボー (Rambo)
Platform: Nintendo Famicom
Released: 1987-12-04
Publisher: Pack-In-Video Co., Ltd.
  USA.svg   USA
Rambo - NES.jpg
Title: Rambo
Platform: NES
Released: 1988-05-??
Publisher: Acclaim, Ltd.