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Quake II
Quake 2 - W32 - USA.jpg
Platform: Windows
Year: 1997
Developer: id Software, Inc.
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For other games in the series see Quake.

Quake II is the sequel to Quake (DOS). The story has nothing to do with the first game, but the name was used for marketing reasons. It's a first-person shooter and used the id Tech 2 engine, which was state of the art in 1997. In Quake II you play a marine named Bitterman who is attempting to save the Earth from an alien invasion by the cybernetic Stroggs. There are several new weapons in the game, including an homage to Doom (DOS), with the BFG 10K. Aside from the single player game, Quake II offered a very strong multi-player environment which helped keep the game as popular as it was for so long.


Quake 2 - W32 - Title.png

The title screen.

Quake 2 - W32 - Game.png

Turning an enemy into red mist.

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Quake II's music is similar to the original Quake (DOS); they both have a heavy industrial soundtrack. There was talk before the game was released that Trent Reznor would be composing the sequel's music, but in the end the German industrial group, Sonic Mayhem, composed the bulk of the game's music. The heavy scratchy noise of their music really helps along the rapid pace of Quake II. Jer Sypult, an amateur composer, also had a break with this game and his song, "Climb", was used as well. Bill Brown, a professional composer, composed the more traditional aspects of the score including Ntro, Final Showdown, and Ending. Quake II's credits list Rob Zombie as the composer of the Quake II Theme Song (Ntro). While some of Ntro is obviously Bill Brown's work, there is some noticeable differences, which is no doubt Rob Zombie's contribution.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 id Logo Sonic Mayhem 0:05
02 Ntro Bill Brown, Rob Zombie 3:30
03 Operation Overlord Sonic Mayhem 3:30
04 Rage Sonic Mayhem 2:19
05 Kill Ratio Sonic Mayhem 2:34
06 March of the Stroggs Sonic Mayhem 2:53
07 The Underworld Sonic Mayhem 2:36
08 Quad Machine Sonic Mayhem 3:37
09 Big Gun Sonic Mayhem 3:06
10 Descent Into Cerberon Sonic Mayhem 2:37
11 Climb Jer Sypult 2:02
12 Showdown Sonic Mayhem 2:01
13 Ending Bill Brown 0:51
14 Ntro Score Bill Brown 1:03



Game Rip





Tracks 3-12 exist as CD audio tracks on the game disc. They were ripped using CDex. Tracks 1, 2, and 13 were pulled from cinematic videos (named idlog.cin, ntro.cin, and end.cin respectively, located in the DataBaseq2Video folder). The audio is uncompressed 22Khz PCM that was ripped using VLC. Track 14 is the score that was incorporated into the final versions of Ntro and Ending. It was downloaded from Bill Brown's web site.


  USA.svg   USA
Quake 2 - W32 - USA.jpg
Title: Quake II
Platform: Windows
Released: 1997-12-09
Publisher: Activision, Inc.
  Brazil.svg   Brazil
Quake 2 - W32 - Brazil.jpg
Title: Quake II
Platform: Windows
Released: 2001-??-??
Publisher: Moving Imagem e Editora Ltda.
  UK.svg   UK
Quake 2 - W32 - UK.jpg
Title: Quake II
Platform: Windows
Released: 2002-05-32
Publisher: Xplosiv
  Poland.svg   Poland
Quake 2 - W32 - Poland.jpg
Title: Quake II
Platform: Windows
Released: 2007-03-??
Publisher: CD-Action


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