Probe Software

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Probe Software
Founded 1984
Headquarters Cheltenham, England, UK

Probe Software was a British game developer who was known for making many movie-based video games.


Music Development


The only composer to do NES music for Probe Software was Jeroen Tel, in which he wrote his own audio driver and wrote the music in hexadecimal.


Andy Brock's explanation of the SNES sound development at Probe:

Carl Muller was the programmer who wrote the initial proprietary audio development system for Probe, and then David Shea took over to further develop the tools. (The version used for T2 Arcade SNES was all Carl's version). After him, another guy named Edward Haynes developed it further until he quit at the end of 1994 over not being paid an Xmas bonus or something, then Dave Shea came back on to finish it. The final version of it was called IMED (named after the programmer Ed), and was actually great to use.

Audio Personnel