Play Ball! - World Class Baseball (TG16)

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Play Ball!
Composer Daisuke Inoue
Released 1987-03-??
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Play Ball! plays when a baseball game starts in World Class Baseball (TG16).

The song was written by Daisuke Inoue in Performer for the Macintosh, and handed over to Hudson Soft staff to implement into the game.

World Class Baseball (TG16)

Platform - TG16.png
World Class Baseball (TG16)
Output - Hudson.svg
World Class Baseball - TG16 - Play Ball!.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1988-06-24
Length 0:04
Format HES, VGM

The song was arranged for the TurboGrafx-16, most likely by Toshiaki Takimoto. The music was written in Music Macro Language on a PC-9801 and converted into Takayuki Iwabuchi's sound driver.

Power League (X68)

Platform - X68.png
Power League (X68)
Output - OPM.svg
Arranger Unknown
Released 1988-12-??
Length 0:04
Format VGM