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Platform - PBL.png
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Released: 1976-??-??
Developer: N/A
Type: Hardware

Pinball machines are games involving a metal ball rolling down a tilted table that the player must strike using flippers mounted on the table in an attempt to hit targets on the table and keep the ball from falling into traps at the bottom of the table. While games similar to pinball have exists for hundreds of years, this site is only interested in electronic pinball games with on-board CPUs that didn't come out until the mid-1970s, and specifically those capable of playing music.



Nearly every pinball machine uses a custom-designed table with custom hardware, but later models began to used similar audio components.

Music and Sound

Earlier pinball machines would use electronic bells and whistles for basic sound effects, but as pinball machines became more sophisticated in the 1990s, they began to include the same types of audio chips used in arcade games powered by the same CPUs. This allowed composers to use the same techniques they used for developing music on arcade game for pinball machines.