Peter Gosztola

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Peter Gosztola
Peter Gosztola - 3.jpg
Local Gosztola Péter
Born Unknown
Birth Place Budapest, Hungary
Nationality Hungarian   Hungary.svg
Aliases Gope

Peter Gosztola is a Hungarian video game programmer who worked at Novotrade International from around 1990 to 1992. While working there as a programmer, he did both some game programming for NES, as well as programming their MIDI-based sound engine for the NES. In addition, he also worked on the music and sound to all of their NES video games (excluding Tiny Toons Adventures: Cartoon Workshop, which was developed after Gosztola had left the company). However, Peter did not know how to compose music, so most of what he did was ported from other versions of the games he worked on, as Novotrade was mostly porting games to the NES, rather than creating original titles.

Music Development

To program a 6502 sound driver for the NES, Peter reverse-engineered the NES from memory dumps. He was also one of the few sound programmers' who used pitched instruments for the DPCM channel. The music was input from its MIDI source. Peter also used a guitar to help him with his music and sound development.


In the unreleased NES version of Airball, he's credited as Gope, which is just the two first letters of his first and last name.

(Note: All titles have been verified by Peter.)


Released Title Sample Notes
1990-??-?? Impossible Mission II (NES)
Arranged Chris Grigg's music.
1991-01-?? Qix (NES)
Arranger of Tim Follin's music.
1992-06-?? King's Quest V (NES) Arranged Ken Allen and Mark Seibert's music.
1992-12-?? Tiny Toon Adventures: Cartoon Workshop (NES) Sound Driver
Unreleased Airball (NES)
Arranged Paul Shields's music.

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