Peter Ferro

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Peter Ferro
Birth Place
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases KungFuFurby

Peter Ferro is an American composer and sound designer who has worked on music for numerous SNES games. He has also composed for some Adobe Flash games. Aside from music composition, he is known for his several SPC dumps.

Music Development

Peter has used Schism Tracker for his SNES and Flash game music. To convert the music to the SNES, he used Mukunda Johnson's SNESMod.


Released Title Sample
2010-??-?? Scribble Star (WEB)
2010-09-05 Nine Pixel Game (WEB)
2011-??-?? Disarmed! (WEB)
2011-03-22 Blackheist (WEB)
2011-08-18 Blip's Adventure (WEB)
2011-09-20 Dangerous Dungeons (WEB)
2011-10-17 Jail Break (WEB)
2011-12-03 The Dark Cave (WEB)
2011-12-16 Grinch Blast (WEB)
2011-12-23 Dangerous Christmas (WEB)
2012-08-08 Dragons Stole My Candy (WEB)
2012-08-10 Tiny Guns (WEB)
2012-08-17 MazezaM Challenge (SNES)
2012-08-19 Tchou (SNES)
2012-08-19 Uwol: Quest for Money (SNES)
2014-04-09 2048 (SNES)
2014-09-03 Duke Dashington (IOS)
2015-11-18 Super Dangerous Dungeons (IOS)
2019-07-03 Total Party Kill (IOS)