Park Place Productions

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Park Place Productions
Founded 1989
Headquarters San Diego, California, USA

Park Place Productions was an American game developer founded by Troy Lyndon, Michael Knox, and Stephen Quinn. The company was renowned for their sports titles. One of their best games was John Madden Football on the Sega Genesis which was reported as "the most successful sports game of all time." They are also known for developing Muhammad Ali's Heavyweight Boxing on the Sega Genesis and Monday Night Football for MS-DOS. They also developed one NES game called Roundball 2-on-2 Challenge.

Troy Lyndon continues to this day as a game developer and has founded his own Christian game developed called Left Behind Games. Unfortunately, Michael Knox on September 15, 2009, age 48, died in Kaneohe, Hawaii from colon cancer.


Music Development


Russell Lieblich created a sound driver that was converting MIDI files to his NES driver. The only game Park Place developed was Roundball 2-on-2 Challenge (NES).


The company itself used GEMS.


For titles they have worked with Electronic Arts, they used Rob Hubbard's sound driver.

For other SNES music, the company itself used an audio driver from Chip Level Designs.

Audio Personnel