Paperboy 2 (DOS)

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Paperboy 2
Paperboy 2 - DOS.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1991
Developer: Eastridge Technology

For other games in the series, see Paperboy.

Paperboy 2 is the sequel to the original hit arcade game Paperboy. Nothing much has changed since the first game; you must finish your paper route, delivering papers to all of your subscribers, and doing as much damage to the non-subscribers as possible in order to rack up points.

This game, like the original, has 3 routes; Easy Street, Middle Road, and Hard Way. The game now allows you to throw papers to the left, as the game will transition from houses being on the right side to houses being on the left side. There are also little side quests you can do, such as saving a runaway baby in a stroller, as well as stopping a mugger from holding up a convenience store. There is also an option to play as a papergirl, as well as 2-player separate play.

The game was developed by Eastridge Technology, though they are not credited.


Paperboy 2 - DOS - Title Screen.png

The game's title screen.

Paperboy 2 - DOS - Gameplay 1.png

The main menu.

Paperboy 2 - DOS - Gameplay 2.png

This map shows before each day to show your subscribers and non-subscribers.

Paperboy 2 - DOS - Gameplay 3.png

Right in the mailbox!

Paperboy 2 - DOS - Gameplay 4.png

The training course


Paperboy 2, like most of the other ports only features two songs; one that plays during your paper route and the other during the training course. Unlike the SNES version, the DOS version only uses one instrument, which sounds like a piano. The only problem is that the music can barely be heard due to the very loud digitized sound effects that constantly play. The DOS version's music also lacks the percussion used in the SNES version.

The music was done by Rich Shemaria, who drew inspiration from both the Seinfeld theme, as well as the original Paperboy Paper Route music by Hal Canon. He then sequenced it on his Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer and Roland 505 drum machine. He sent his sequenced files to Nick Eastridge, who then implemented it into his sound driver.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 Paper Route Rich ShemariaNick Eastridge 3:07
02 Training Course Rich ShemariaNick Eastridge 0:41


(Source: Verification from composer; game lacks credits.)

Like all the other Eastridge Technology games, there are no credits. The game's composer Rich Shemaria has verified himself as the composer, as well as Nick Eastridge being the programmer.

Game Rip





The game's internal files should be ripped from the game's executable (EXE) file. The music was logged in VGM format using DOSBox.

Audio Devices

The game uses the YM3812 and uses a sound driver programmed by Nick Eastridge.


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Paperboy 2 - DOS.jpg
Title: Paperboy 2
Platform: DOS
Released: 1991-??-??
Publisher: Mindscape, Inc.