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Pablo Buitrago
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Pablo Buitrago is an American former video game developer. He started in 1994 at Midway Games where he worked as a producer. During his time there, he did sound engineering for a few of their video games. He was also a tester for the company. He left Midway in 2003 and went on to work at TAG Networks as a producer and game designer. In 2007, he worked at GenPlay Games as a Senior Producer and Consultant. He left the game industry in 2009.

Today, Pablo currently resides in Washington D.C. and runs Proveo Automation. The company focuses on creating AI systems for businesses and federal agencies.

Music Composition

Buitrago says he used Fasttracker II to write the music to California Speed.


Note: Pablo's Linkedin page lists him as doing sound engineering for San Francisco Rush 2 and San Francisco Rush 2049. These games do not credit him for audio, however.

Released Title Sample Notes
1998-11-10 Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA (N64) Sound Engineering
1999-02-28 California Speed (N64) With Barry Leitch.
1999-08-31 Gauntlet Legends (N64) With Barry Leitch and John Paul.
2000-09-07 San Francisco Rush 2049 (N64) Sound Engineering

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