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Composer Lee Jackson
Arranger Lee Jackson
Released 1994-12-21
Length 2:24
Format MIDI.png
Game Rise of the Triad: Dark War (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

This song is used as level music in Rise of the Triad.

One of Lee Jackson's earlier songs, he had this to say about the original MTM format version of the song:

This was written as a joke, plain and simple. When I was messing around with MIDI and MODs during my days in the tech room, I'd sometimes bring up a file and get the other guys' opinions on it. I also liked to collect WAVs that people had ripped from movies, TV, and the like, and play them at inopportune moments as commentary on the other techs' calls.

This MTM file uses a sample from "Blazing Saddles" - the one where Slim Pickens gets hit over the head with a shovel (insert big clang effect here) and yells, "Oww!". The song starts off seriously: enough so that I had the techs thinking this was yet another try at level music. However, when the intro ended, Slim and the shovel stepped in to drop the punch line.

The joke had Joe Siegler rolling on the floor when I played it for him. In fact, it went over so well that I wound up converting the main idea of the song into a MIDI file, which was used in Rise Of The Triad. Unfortunately, Slim and the shovel didn't survive the translation.

Given the history of this song, it's perhaps no surprise that a reference to the song wound up in Shadow Warrior, in the form of the theme music (also composed by Lee) titled Okinoww!a.

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