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Founded 1990-03-06
Headquarters Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Opus (株式会社オーパス Kabushikigaisha Ōpasu) is a Japanese video game developer. Various Japanese game developers have sometimes outsourced their sound to them. The company's CEO Takayuki Suzuki was also a composer. He is formerly an employee of Goblin Sound, which was the predecessor of this company.

Music Development


The company used their own sound driver.


For Exhaust Heat/F1ROC: Race of Champions, in which the sound was outsourced to Opus, they initially started off using their own version of Nintendo's Kankichi-kun sound engine, and the instruments may have been taken from a Korg M1 and the music may have been typed in a Sony NEWS computer. They later programmed their own sound software SQ & DBOOT. Based on the credits of various games using the driver, it may have been programmed by Jun Enoki.

Audio Personnel